Our employment services program 

provides teens and young adults with job readiness skills, resume building, career connections, and job placement. Our job specialists are available on site for appointments and drop-in meetings M-F from 11-8 PM.


​Our computer lab is open M-F from 11AM-8PM. From 11AM-3PM, the lab is open to the community for general use (job search, email, research, etc.). From 3-5:30PM, the computer lab is home to our homework lab for youth and teens. After 5:30pm, the computer lab is open for general youth/teen recreation.


The Willie L. Brown Youth Center is equipped with a fitness room that has free weights and calisthenics equipment.  From 11AM-3PM, the room is open for general use by the community, and from 3pm, it is used for youth fitness and self defense classes.      


TURF has partnered with the Junior 49ers youth football and cheer squad for over 20 years, helping to provide community youth opportunities to participate in organized athletic activities.  


For more info about the SF Junior 49ers, click here.



Our case management program provides Restorative and Intensive case management services to roughly 30-40 youth and young adults ages 14-25 every year.  Case managers assess, assist, and guide youth to help them achieve their goals. Case managers are available M-F from 11AM-7PM.


During the school year, our homework lab provides a quiet supervised space for youth to study and complete homework. TURF staff are there to help, and our computer lab provides access to the internet for research and typing/printing assignments.  Our homework lab runs M-F from 3:00-5:30. 


Built in 2000, the recording studio has provided recording, mixing, and music services and instruction to youth, teens and young adults for almost 20 years. Participants learn the basics about recording and mixing, video and graphic arts, and music business and promotion. The studio is available M-F from 4-6PM.  


Our community outreach team works as a liaison between residents and local agencies, providing information and linkages to relevant social services and events.  A primary focus of the outreach program is to ensure that residents are informed about the upcoming changes to the neighborhood as a result of the HOPE SF initiative.  

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